Is 2010 the year you stand for Parliament?

So, did you set some resolutions at New Year? Was one of them along the lines of “Make a difference”? If so, then you should consider standing as an independent parliamentary candidate.

We know that there’s going to be an election this year and we also know that there has been much more public acceptance of the concept of independent parliamentary candidates.

Now is the time that as an electorate we have to make a stand and try to make a difference – and what greater cause could there be than trying to improve the way democracy works in this country?

So many people are still angry about the MPs’ expenses scandal and see that as indicative of a deeper sore in our political system that there is goodwill being shown to independent candidates. That doesn’t mean that an independent will automatically be elected, even in the constituencies that have standing MPs that have been embarrassed by the expenses scandal. However, it does mean that the door has been opened.

So, do you want to stand?

If you do, it will require hard work, determination and possibly a bit of luck to get elected, but this blog will support you as much as it can to help you raise your profile and get votes.

Let’s try to make 2010 the year that independent MPs became a political reality.

5 Responses to Is 2010 the year you stand for Parliament?

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  4. Tom Austin says:

    It may take a little more than the expenses scandal to get the non-voter out and voting, but these votes are there for the asking and there in game-changing numbers. The struggle between the big three partys over which of them shall cut deepest and quickest could be getting the attention of the non-voter and confuse if not terrify them. Here too an Independent Candidate could win support. With the right ideas.
    Good work Patrick.

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for that. I think you’re right that people that don’t usually vote will be crucial in this election. If independent candidates can show the non-voter, as you call them, that politicians can be people like them, from their local constituency, facing the same problems and issues that they are – well maybe they can persuade a few more of them to go out and vote and maybe even to vote independent. I think in many constituencies independents will have a real chance and I agree with you – getting the people that don’t normally vote, or have been turned off in recent years, to the polling station will be crucial.

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