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A group has been set up with the motto: “In times like these, it’s the economy stupid. In times like these, vote for Vince Cable for Chancellor.”

The argument is that if we have a hung-parliament after the next election then the Lib Dems would be proportionately more powerful (as potential power brokers) and therefore we should lobby for Vince Cable to be the Chancellor.

I like the idea.

Would any new independents that are elected after the next election support a motion to make Vince Cable the Chancellor?

2 Responses to invincecable

  1. Tom Austin says:

    This ‘bigging-up’ of the possible Lib-Dem influence should the election result in but the denting of support for the big two partys [to spell out ‘parties’ speaks too much of fun] is of little moment to the undoubted prowess of VC.
    Come what may after the election VC is the sole object of public respect of any involved, over the last few years, in our economic sphere.
    I fancy that the best thing to emerge from the election should be a Government of National Unity, no matter the actual numbers for this party or that. In such a situation VC is a clear front-runner for the post of Chancellor even if he had to be ennobled to join the Government. (nothing being certain in any election)
    It ill befits the thrust of these pages to conclude that where the Red and the Blue lose out that the Beige shall be the victors.
    What variety of Independent could deny VC and favour either of the alternatives?

  2. Michael Coffey says:

    I saw something about this topic on TV last night. Good article.

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