Will mums decide the election?

It would seem that the leaders of the major parties have decided that the core demographic for the next election will be mums. Or at least that’s what it looks like given that they are all so keen to be cosying up to mumsnet.

But is it as easy as all that?

Not according to a great post by Becky McMichael. It starts simply – “Dear politicians…..we, the “ordinary” mums are not a frontier to be conquered.”

Read it all here.

2 Responses to Will mums decide the election?

  1. Bill Givens says:

    Opinions, suggestions and support for the broad aims of http://www.thedemocracytrust.org.uk would be appreciated. Associated website underway and one day workshop for prospective Independent MP candidates planned in Liverpool asap.


  2. Tom Austin says:

    Yee gods, Bill. Could you not have left more than a calling-card?
    The danger, for me, is that I shall always appear a little on the patronising side; it may be in my genes.
    What mums need (off I go again) is more Democracy, Democracy that can be accessed during the course of the day. Consultations and decisions made in real-time by the very people affected. This no house-wife/husband shall get by voting for any of the main partys. So, ladies. As you wipe and discard the waste from your lifes so should you do to the House of Commons. We must all start sometime. That time IS NOW!

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