Geoffrey Woollard: South East Cambridgeshire

This is one of my series of articles on some of the Independent candidates standing at this election. If you want to see a fuller list please go here.

However, I don’t pretend that this is an exhaustive list, you can see more independents on the Independent Network’s website here.

My view is that as an electorate we need more independents to stand – we need more choice about who will represent us. As we have seen from the recent scandals that have hit Westminster, MPs from the main parties all seem to be part of the same ‘club’. To be truly represented we need people that are not part of that club. If you’re constituency has an independent standing, please take the time to consider the difference that having a true member of the local community can bring to you – someone who is working for the constituency and not for the party or their political career.

Geoffrey Woollard

South East Cambridgeshire

Why do you want to be an MP?
To be able to represent my constituency by thinking things through for myself, making up my own mind on the important issues of the day, and acting and voting accordingly. And not toeing ‘the party line.’

Why do you want to stand as an independent?
Because to do any other is to toe ‘the party line.’

What are the main issues facing your constituency?
The National Trust’s threat to flood or ‘junglefy’ a large area of the Cambridgeshire Fens; the un-banning of hunting and hare coursing, which I oppose; Afghanistan: I want our boys brought home.

How do you think you can make a difference?
By thinking things through for myself, making up my own mind on the important issues of the day, and acting and voting accordingly. And not toeing ‘the party line.’

What are your five main manifesto points?
Stopping the National Trust in its tracks; stopping the un-banning of hunting and hare coursing; bringing our boys back from Afghanistan; slowing down inward migration to Cambridgeshire; slowing down immigration nationally.

What one thing would you like to say to voters in your constituency?
Vote independent for real change.

Where can voters find out more?


7 Responses to Geoffrey Woollard: South East Cambridgeshire

  1. Tom Austin says:

    It is a pity indeed that there is no indicator of confidence, subjective or objective, with regard to the chances of each of the Independent candidates profiled here.
    If there were such a thing I am sure you would rate highly as having a real chance of winning through in your constituency. At the very least I see your deposit as safe.
    I hope your candidacy is music to the ears of those who are uncertain as to vote or not. [There were 35% of the populace that did not in 2005] I am sure…
    “A vote for Geoffrey Woollard is a vote for a true local voice at Westminster.”

    And you mention the war.

  2. Tom Austin says:

    This headline from Sky-news may bring tears to the eyes of Mr Wollard and his supporters…

    “Labour has suspended its candidate for South East Cambridgeshire following claims he boasted about his sexual exploits online.”

  3. Tom Austin says:

    Oops, Mr. Woollard, sorry.

  4. I’m off to a hustings meeting at Ely this evening. When I get there I shall say to the remaining party candidates, ‘One down, five to go!’

    Thanks again, Tom!

    Geoffrey Woollard.

  5. Call me Geoffrey, please, Tom!

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