Iain Meek: Holborn and Saint Pancras

This is one of my series of articles on some of the Independent candidates standing at this election. If you want to see a fuller list please go here.

However, I don’t pretend that this is an exhaustive list, you can see more independents on the Independent Network’s website here.

My view is that as an electorate we need more independents to stand – we need more choice about who will represent us. As we have seen from the recent scandals that have hit Westminster, MPs from the main parties all seem to be part of the same ‘club’. To be truly represented we need people that are not part of that club. If you’re constituency has an independent standing, please take the time to consider the difference that having a true member of the local community can bring to you – someone who is working for the constituency and not for the party or their political career.

Iain Meek

Holborn and Saint Pancras

Why do you want to be an MP?
I could do a better job of it than any standing in my constituency

Why do you want to stand as an independent?
All the parties have shown themselves to be corrupt in the recent expenses scandal

What are the main issues facing your constituency?
Housing, schooling, the recession

How do you think you can make a difference?
By understanding the issues and voting, and encouraging others to vote, for sensible solutions

What are your five main manifesto points?
1 – Excellence generally – find the best dustbin man, the best illegal immigrant, the best civil servant- and give each one a medal. Obviously I’ll get one for being the best MP!

2 – Sensible government by sensible people – well I’m an architect and we have to get things done. The current party system requires party candidates to vote on party lines much of the time – not to think for themselves.

3 – Independent MPs to back whichever Government policies are excellent and sensible – this party system has shown itself to be corrupt and encourages irresponsible activity by MPs.

4 – A more equal society – tax the rich, not the poor – even higher taxes for the rich above a multiplier of the base rate – the multiplier dependent on what the Government needs to raise.

5 – Sort out the housing crisis – everyone needs a decent home in this climate. Especially people in Camden – which seems to suffer endless overcrowding and shortages.

6 – An end to VAT on sanitary towels- these are not luxury items. Every woman needs these for much of her life.

What one thing would you like to say to voters in your constituency?
Vote for me

Where can voters find out more?

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