As I wrote in one of the first posts, this blog has been set up to discuss the possibility of setting up a network or group or club (or whatever) of independent political candidates (and hopefully MPs). I’m going to use this blog as a way to express my views and thoughts and to work out what it is exactly that I think about this. Hopefully it will generate some comment, start debates and refine and prove (or disprove) some of my thoughts.

The immediate background to this is of course the scandal around MPs expenses, however I’m not going to discuss any of the individual cases. Instead I want to discuss what I think the scandal has highlighted – and that is the fact that we currently have a ‘political class’ in the UK that feels and acts like a members club that is subject to its own rules.

I think that lots of people feel detached from the political process and the scandal has brought that to a head. The current political system and the current political parties don’t seem to represent the people any more. Now more than ever the old adage “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the Government always gets it” seem true.

What I want from the blog is to gauge the opinion of other people – to see if there is support for this idea. And of course it has to be not just theoretical support, but also financial and physical support if this idea is ever going to be something more real.

You can see more about my personal political views here – but they’re not important. At least not in terms of my party affiliations.

So, please read, but just as importantly – join in.


4 Responses to About

  1. stevenford says:

    There’s a great deal about Independent MPs on the web – try my own website: http://www.stevenford.co.uk

    Have you seen: http://www.independentnetwork.org.uk/index.html ?

    All contact welcome at either site.

    Co-operation will be very valuable – if and when political outlooks are similar. 2010 is going to be very interesting!

    Steve Ford

  2. Diane Park says:

    Great website. I believe Independents can make a difference to the political system and I am going to try my hardest to be elected. Any help would be very welcome.Tips on reaching people to engage them in debating and what matters to them and most importantly getting them to vote!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Diane, thanks for the comment. I agree with you, I think that getting people out to vote is vital – especially for independents. Many people are fed up with the current state of party politics, but unfortunately that means that many of will just opt out of the democratic system. I think that independents will pick up a lot of votes if they can show those people that they can offer a true alternative and can persuade them to vote. Good luck.

  3. Due to the single mark (fptp system) ballot’s extreme vulnerability to vote-splits, the people’s majority is easily divided and conquered by the major parties.

    However there is a way in which the electorate can be empowered to collaborate with each other and through a a voluntary pre-election preferetentional poll, the people can pre-determine with the utmost of fairminded democracy who in fact is the majorities’ truly preferred candidate.

    The methodology particulary affords a people’s independent candidate, one who is “of the people, for the people, by the people” the very best opportunity of actually getting elected.

    Please see the website indicated, though I apologize in advance as my webhost went AWOL and the site is not as navigatible as it was, nor does the email address work but host(at)v123p.ca does work.


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