Get out and Vote!

May 6, 2010

Today’s the day. And the time for debating and discussing is over – now is the time for action. And each and every one of us can act – by voting.

So get out and vote!

I believe that making an active choice at the election is the duty of everyone. Personally, I would make voting mandatory as they do in Australia. It is only by exercising your right to have a say in the election booth that you can affect any change.

Now, I accept that there isn’t always someone that you would like to vote for. That’s one of my main reasons for promoting independent candidates – to give you more choice and to give you a truly local choice. If you want to see if your constituency has an independent standing go here.

However, if you are fed up with the main parties, don’t want to vote for one of the fringe parties, don’t have an independent in your constituency (or just don’t want to vote for them), then you don’t have to put your ‘X’ in any of their boxes. You can actively choose to not vote for any of them – spoil your ballot paper, or just don’t put a mark anywhere.

But make an active choice.

Don’t be lazy, don’t think that your vote doesn’t count and don’t think that all MPs are the same. Make a choice, even if that choice is no-one, and get out there to the polling station and made sure your choice is registered.

Obviously, I’d like you to vote for the independents. But first of all I just want you to vote.