Help needed …

July 3, 2009

This morning I received a really interesting comment from someone hoping to be an independent candidate at the next election. Here it is:

“I would like to stand for Brentford and Isleworth as an Independent. The MP there is in deep trouble and it is my adjacent Borough. I am not known there. I am not just a Johnny-come-lately as I have been an Independent local Councillor in the past. I would like the Independent MPs to join forces to advise on what to do, especially now. I have the rules for when the election is called, but do not know what is permitted and how to go about it. Zac Goldsmith, millionaire Cons here is giving out bags with his name on it. Good Publicity. I can’t afford it anyway.
I wrote to Martin Bell suggesting he might co-ordinate the Independents but he does not feel like it now. I need a mentor. I live in Richmond.”

Unfortunately this blog is just that at the moment … a blog. I’ll readily admit that there’s no more substance to it than that … yet.

Teresa, I’ll do my best to add more substance, to set up a support group and to help you if I can. In the meantime … can anyone else help?