What we’ve learned so far from the Iraq Inquiry

March 11, 2010

If you’re interested in what’s going on in the Chilcot Inquiry then there is a really interesting summary on the Channel 4 blog. Read it here.

I listened to Gordon Brown’s evidence the other day and thought the questions raised to him were so weak as to be almost pointless.

What I did think was interesting however, was Brown’s desire to show himself as an important politician in the Blair Government  – yet at the same time not so important as he actually had anything to do with the decision to go to war. I’m surprised he was willing to subjugate himself as much as he did.

But my main thought was – pah! I could have asked more incisive questions. It felt like a bit of a whitewash and a chance for Gordon to wash his hands of the affair before the election.

More about me

June 5, 2009

I realised that as I was writing this blog it was probably only fair that I told you a bit more about me. I’m not going to tell you my favourite colour or the name of my first cat or anything like that, but stuff that’s within the context of this blog and this discussion. So here’s a bit more about my politics.

I’ve always been interested in politics: the nature of ‘serving’; trying to do what’s best for whoever voted for you (and those that didn’t); the negotiation and debate; trying to rationalise which issues can be discarded to gain a greater good and which have to remain. I’ve also always been interested in the politics involved in so-called everyday situations: the office; buying a car; discussions amongst couples etc. However, I’ve never been particularly interested in political parties.

Traditionally I’ve been a Labour supporter – I remember watching the 1997 elections results from the US and being aware that history was being made and I was so far away. The benefit though, was that I could watch it until the result was obvious and then go out for dinner to celebrate. As a teenager I grew up under the Thatcher Government and detested that whole era. I detested the individualism and the class wars that Thatcher seemed to promote. Yet at the same time over the last few years I have become equally disillusioned with New Labour, especially over the dodgy dossier and the Iraq War.

So that’s a very brief history of my political affiliations … for what it’s worth.

PS – But of course this is nothing to do with my political views – I’m not going to be standing. It’s all about trying to allow other people to have their political views heard … and be represented by real people not parties.