The Jury Team

June 16, 2009

Since I started this blog a couple of people have mentioned The Jury Team to me as an example of what I was trying to achieve. So I’ve been over to the website and had a look at what they might be about.

The first thing to notice is that they’ve got things moving very quickly – formed in March 2009 and they had candidates standing in the European Elections. That’s good going and hugely impressive.

However, from what I’ve seen I’m not convinced that the concept is the same. It seems to be more like a political party, just not an established one, than I envisage. The other thing is that they don’t seem to have updated much since the European Elections – although to be fair, the work they must have put in in advance, they deserve a good long sleep for a couple of weeks!

Anyway, I’ve got in touch with them and hope to meet up soon to see if we can join forces and work together.