A mobile app for voters

June 16, 2009

After reading the blog, Roy sent me an email with a few interesting points. Roy believes that the best thing to happen at the next election would be a hung parliament:

“The country needs more independent MPs who understand local issues and don’t need to tow a party line come the National and World issues.”

But it was his second point that made me sit up and take notice:

“What can be done … I say let’s do an App that provides the public with a guide to their local MPs, who’s standing in their region, bios, photos, name and shame those who have had their fingers in the public purse etc. A foreword could set the tone about helping the country achieve a hung Parliament and how voting Independent can help achieve this. It will be like really good PR for all the independents for free.”

As my day job is mostly spent in the mobile industry this seemed like a great idea. It would be great to get all the info of candidates and make it readily available to people in the form of a mobile app (obviously not in the Ovi Store if we want to make it readily available!) that they can check on regularly as they’re deciding who to vote for.

Very interesting …